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In louisiana can they garnish your wages for medical?

Zachary, LA |

I live in louisiana. I am single and 48 years old. I make 26,000 a year. On jan 26th 2008 I went and had a medical procudure done. Due to me not meeting the deductible yet I was charged $550.00. The insurance paid some of it but not that. My deductible is $500.00. I had been paying it but had stopped and forgot to call them to discuss the issue at hand. Today 10/16/08 I received a phone call from Premier Credit and they told me I had to pay it or else they were seek legal means of collecting it. I have rent and other bills to pay that eats up my check. She wanted to put me on a payment plan of $150.00 bi-weekly but I don't have it to do it with.
My question is: In louisiana can they garnish your wages for medical?
I am not sure.
Also I am going to send them something this week but I don't know how much I can send.
I need some advice..

Attorney Answers 1

  1. It sounds as if you still owe the hospital a balance for the medical procedure performed. As a creditor, the hospital can try to garnish your wages, but only after taking you to court (filing a lawsuit against you) and receiving a judgment from the court. I strongly recommend that you contact a bankruptcy/creditor/debtor law attorney in your area. Good luck.