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In illinois when you file for divorce in tazwell county do you have to include the addresss of the petitioner and respondent

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On the paper that the petitioner files at the clerks office when filing for divorce

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You have to include that in all Petition for Dissolution in Illinois. You need to check the statute so you have your petition drafted correctly.

(750 ILCS 5/403) (from Ch. 40, par. 403)
Sec. 403. Pleadings - Commencement - Abolition of Existing Defenses - Procedure.)
(a) The petition for dissolution of marriage or legal separation shall be verified and shall minimally set forth:
(1) the age, occupation and residence of each party

and his length of residence in this State;
(2) the date of the marriage and the place at which

it was registered;
(2.5) whether a petition for dissolution of marriage

is pending in any other county or state;
(3) that the jurisdictional requirements of

subsection (a) of Section 401 have been met and that there exist grounds for dissolution of marriage or legal separation. The petitioner need only allege the name of the particular grounds relied upon, which shall constitute a legally sufficient allegation of the grounds; and the respondent shall be entitled to demand a bill of particulars prior to trial setting forth the facts constituting the grounds, if he so chooses. The petition must also contain:
(4) the names, ages and addresses of all living

children of the marriage and whether the wife is pregnant;
(5) any arrangements as to support, custody and

visitation of the children and maintenance of a spouse; and
(6) the relief sought.

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I do not believe that you must state the exact address. Designating the town should be enough. In normal circumstances, however, the exact address of where the children are residing is necessary.

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