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In Illinois law, what does case set on progress call mean?

Elk Grove Village, IL |

I'm filing for divorce pro se. I have received my case date.

I checked the status of the case and it said "case set on progress call." What does this mean?

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I don't know where in the process you are. It could be a status date, sometimes not (sometimes the clerk enters it incorrectly, I've have trial's appear as status hearings on the online e-docket).

You'll have to look at your documentation and last draft order. If you're completely lost, you can try calling the DuPage County Clerk to see what's going on, or if it's in Cook County you can call them too (But expect rudeness from the latter).


A Progress Call in Cook County is a court session when the case number is called in open court and the attorneys are required to advise the court about the progress of the case so far.

The court selects the dates of these appearances and the first such Progress Call date (depending upon the Cook County division) usually occurs four months after the case is filed. This is done in Cook County pursuant to a Standing Order of the Chief Judge.

Failure to appear in open court can lead to a default

God bless. Best of luck to you.

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The court sets Progress or Status dates as a means of monitoring its caseload to be sure that no case slips through a crack, and that each case is always moving forward. The judge merely asks what is happening in the case and will order the next step if things are lingering.

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