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In human right cases what is the average settlement for age discrimination cases?

Providence, RI |

I was discriminated agains in a public area a bank I had to wait standing up with scitiaca 30 minutes while the bank manger finished her work i am also 73 years old. another bank emoloyee seen me standing and came to my aid I told her the managern wouldn't acknowledge me, When the young lady asked the manager about my plight and why didn't you acknowlged the gentleman her reply was "tell him to call customer"

the managers reply to the incident was "tell him to call customer care" and she spoke very arrogantly, I have been a customer with that bank for 22 years after that incident i felt I was disrespected, treated with indifference and arrogance, I did complain to the bank about the managers demeanor and all I got was apoligies. The case is now in the RI commission of Human rights hopefully they will get better results than just apologies. Ed RI

Attorney Answers 3

  1. This sounds more like poor customer service rather than an actionable civil matter. You should contact a Civil Rights Lawyer in your jurisdiction to discuss the specific facts of your matter. A local lawyer should be able to advise you regarding your rights, if any. There are no hard and fast rules regarding settlement amounts. Each case is dependent upon the particularized facts of the case itself. You can run a "Find a Lawyer" search here on Avvo to locate several lawyers in your area.

  2. I do not think this is a case for the courts. If a litigant could sue and win for rudeness, many more would be millionaires. But rudeness is not a legal cause of action.

  3. I agree with my colleagues that this may not be a matter for litigation. You may wish to simply address your concerns with the customer service department. That being said, there are not average settlement figures for age discrimination cases as they are all based on unique facts.