In Florida, can child support be terminated upon high school graduation if the child is enrolled in a community college?

My daughter is 18 and will graduate high school in May 2010 and will be attending a community college in the fall. Her father has stated that he will terminate child support the day she graduates and will not assist in any college expenses or contribute to her support (she will continue to live at home with me). This then puts all of the financial burden on me and I want to know if he can be held legally responsible for some of her support as I cannot afford it on my own. He earns considerably more than I do and only pays $250.00 a month for my daughter, but I depend on it to make ends meet.

Saint Cloud, FL -

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Vanessa Alexandra Vasquez de Lara

Vanessa Alexandra Vasquez de Lara

Family Law Attorney - Miami, FL

Unfortunately in the State of Florida child support is only until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, if the child will be under 19 years of age. There is nothing that can be done that will cause the Father to assist with his daughter unless the marital settlement agreement specifically indicates that he will continue support after the child ages out or starts college unless the child is disabled.

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