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In FL. law domestic violence no contact oder .

.I file Injaction my step daughter and my husband Then my husband and his daughter show up were I stay and then after i recieve phone calls from my husband before the sched of our 1st hearing at the court How did the Injaction affect both?

Florida -

Attorney Answers (2)

Stewart Valencia

Stewart Valencia

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you can prove that your husband and daughter have been served with the injunction, and you can prove that they violated the injunction ( they made contact with you ), then you can notify the police, and have them file a police report and have them arrested, or ask the judge who issued the injunction to issue a rule to show cause as to why he should not take them into custody for violating the injunction.

Shawn Alan Arnold

Shawn Alan Arnold

Criminal Defense Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

I don't believe that you need the services of a lawyer at this point but rather the police are going to be your best ally.

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