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In determining child custody in GA, Houston County, does the judge usually go with the Guardian Ad Litem's recommendation?

Warner Robins, GA |

I need to know if it's usual practice or typical for a judge in GA, (Houston County) to award custody based almost solely on the GAL's recommendation. If so, is it worth the additional fees that my atty has requested to go to trial w/me? I will be sacrificing a lot if I pay the fee and really can't afford to if there' s no chance in convincing the judge to go against the GAL recommendation.
My husband is asking for full custody and has already told numerous lies about me claiming that I am violent, abuse prescription meds etc..I have no history of violence, I have all of my prescription records to prove they are not abused etc.
I'm asking for joint custody but the GAL favors my husband simply because he makes much more money than I do after being a stay at home mom for the past 10yrs

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The recommendation of the GAL is always a persuasive and coveted endorsement in family law cases. However, the potency of the recommendation depends upon the basis for the recommendation, the particular judge hearing the case, and the surrounding facts and circumstances. Your question does not provide enough information regarding these factors for me to offer a reasoned opinion. However, in my experience, Houston judges are fair minded individuals. So if you and your husband are both equally qualified to be primary custodians, it may still be worthwhile to try the matter. Your attorney should be able to advise you regarding your odds of success.

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