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In court the judge gave me a $1000 bail, however on my paper it reads $10000. Is this a mistake? -How do I clear this up?

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I was recently arrested for Possession of Marijuana. It is a Misdemeanor, and it is my first offense. I was arraigned, and again only sentenced with Possession of Marijuana (this can not change now correct?). I was released on a Personal Recognizance type bond, and have court in just less than 3 weeks.

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  1. Maybe you were given a $10,000 bond with a 10% provision? It is hard to say without seeing the paperwork. You can also call the court and have them check the file to see if there is an error.

    If you are charged with first offense possession of marijuana, there are statutes and court rules that can be employed to keep this offense off your record. I encourage you to use to find a 10.0 rated criminal defense lawyer. Most retained criminal defense attorneys will offer you a free telephone consultation. Feel free to consult with an attorney in any part of Michigan as it is not uncommon for criminal defense lawyers to travel throughout the state.

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  2. I agree with Mr. Dickstein. There are basically three types of bond, A cash/surety or bond, a ten percent bond and a personal recognizance bond. If you are given a 10,000 cash bond, you must post $10,000 or arrange for a surety company to post the $10,000 on your behalf. If you are given a ten percent bond, it means you only have to post ten percent of the bond in order to be released but if you violate any provision of your bond, you will be responsible for paying the balance of the money. A $10,000 personal recognizance bond means that you will be released without having to post any money, could will still be responsible for the balance if you violate the conditions of your bond.

    Your post makes it clear that you are confused about the nature of your bond If you were released on a personal recognizance bond, you shouldn't have to post any money. I would suggest you hire a cometent attorney to clear up the matter immediately.

  3. You sound as if you have a 10% cash or surety bond, if you do not show they will go after you for the $10K. Read your paperwork closely.

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  4. It is unclear whether or not you pled guilty to the possession charge. If you did, then your case is presumably scheduled for sentencing at the next court date. You should immediately discuss this with an attorney, because you might be able to set aside your plea and get some kind of plea agreement that would ultimately keep the conviction off your record. If you did not plead guilty, then the next court date is presumably a Pre-trial, and such a plea agreement might be possible at that time. As a "Drug Crime", if you are convicted, this will affect your driver's license, whether you were driving at the time of the incident or not. Get an attorney at once. As to your questions concerning the bond, Ms. Kelley's answer clearly states the various possible scenarios. Frank B. Ford 313-565-9289

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  5. If you are set for another court date then you have NOT been sentenced yet. I would suspect. Get a lawyer and see if something can be worked out so you end up with no record.

    Michael Breczinski
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