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In converting a ch13 to 7. What kind of differences will there be in converting to new means test form 22a?

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I am converting to ch7 married filing single with declaration of separate households to remove spouses income. I have two cars and planning to surrender one with conversion due not being able to deduct or afford. I have left my home and rented an apartment . What kind of deductions may be availiable to me.

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You have a lot of deductions, too many to state here. You should take the practice means test to seek this information. See link below.

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I suspect that without their computer software, most BKC attorneys would be unable to hand-figure the means test. That may or may not include me. There are a zillion websites with means test applications, but here is the thing, you may not even have to complete the entire Form 22A if your income, now that you have a separate household and will not be including your spouse's income, falls below the median income in the State of Florida.

You can get the form from the local court's website at; along the left hand side click on the 5th link from the top and then "Official Forms". Problem is the official forms do not provide you with the national standards for expenses permitted.

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Kevin Christopher Gleason

Kevin Christopher Gleason


Well said!


You did not state your annual income. That is the key. I assume your lawyer knows your situation. Some trustees demand a new Means Test; some don't. Your lawyer can quickly go through the test with you. Good luck.

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