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In California, can I request a permanent judge for a UD case instead of the temporary ones assigned?

Sacramento, CA |

I want a jury trial AND a permanent judge to hear my UD case since it is a bit complicated and the temp judges tend to not know what they are doing. My questions are can I do this and how do I do it?

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    Ask for a judge in writing now and post jury fees now. If you wait too long you could lose your right to a jury trial. If you do not have the money ask for a fee waiver form. Don't delay.

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  2. You could object to the judge if you feel he's not competent. The best bet would be to hire an attorney if you don't already have one. If you do, ask him this question.

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  3. If the time limits of 10 days after assignment of the case has not passed, you can file a peremptory challenge under Code of Civil Procedure 170.6. Such a form is available online under the California Superior Court website under forms.

    If the ten day time limit has passed, you can still make such a request, but your chances of having it granted are less, especially if you already stipulated to a commissioner or temporary judge to hear the case.