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In California, can filing a false police report also be considered false imprisonment?

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Circumstances: If the victim was seized by police and taken against their will to a mental hospital for an hour. The filer did not succeed. The hospital deemed the police report false and immediately released the victim. The victim considers a lawsuit for false imprisonment, among other and more serious charges. In California, what are the charges she can bring against this filer, and can false imprisonment be one of them? Retaliation for refusal of his sexual advances was the filer's motive.

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  1. There are immunities for making reports to the police, although it is a criminal offense to make a false report on purpose. Are you asking if you can be prosecuted or sued? Prosecuted:yes. PC 148. Sued? Very likely immune for false arrest/imprisonment.

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  2. SHE can not bring any charges against anybody. Only the District Attorney or Attorney General have the power to criminally charge someone. However, she can certainly report the crime to the police and the D.A., who might, then decide to bring charges against the filer. Filing a deliberately false police report is a crime. She could also sue the filer, if not for false imprisonment, then for abuse of process. Consult an attorney.

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