In Calif what are the various sentences for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd misdemeanor DUI.

Not sure how many DUI's are within the past 10 years. He just plead "no contest" to a misdemeanor DUI and sentencing is in 2 wks. For unknown reasons the other charges (felony DUI, 3 felony assault and 1 felony assault w/ deadly weapon) in this event were dropped. Not sure if this was some sort of deal. He did have psych evaluations (4011.6 & 730 & 1017) during his jail time (couldn't make bail). He has a long history of getting drunk, calling 911 and being in the hospital overnight. He's been committed by the authorities several times in 2 states for his drinking. Each time he was committed it was following a violent event and the police got involved. Assault charges keep getting reduced or dropped because he was drunk each time.

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Amy Elizabeth Chapman

Amy Elizabeth Chapman

Criminal Defense Attorney - Santa Rosa, CA

For misdemeanor DUIs, the range of sentences is as follows:
First: minimum 2 days maximum 6 months
Second: minimum 10 days, maximum 1 year
Third: minimum 120 days, maximum 1 year

He will also be ordered to attend and complete the appropriate DUI school. Contact his attorney or the DA prosecuting the case for more details about what his sentence will be and why.

Thomas Anthony Schaeffer

Thomas Anthony Schaeffer

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Diego, CA

The sentences vary from city to city but typically you can expect probation for 1st, probation w/ a little jail time for 2nd, probation and a few months of jail time for third. Four in ten years is a felony and they will go to jail for at least a year.

There is a lot of leeway in sentencing for the DA and for the judge than they try to take into account age, criminal record, personal history, etc. The dropped charges may have been a deal or they may have dropped them for a number of other reasons.

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Robert Laurens Driessen

Robert Laurens Driessen

DUI / DWI Attorney - Irvine, CA

You already received the various ranges for a DUI. What you are looking for is not a legal answer. If he does kill someone as a result of a future DUI he can be charged with murder. If this is someone you care about make sure they seek treatment.
Robert Driessen

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