In CA do you have to be married for a certain amount of time before step parent adoption and what rights do grandparents have?

We have had my fiancées daughter since the day she was released from the hospital after birth . Hes on her birth certificate . shes 3 months and we plan on getting married in the next few days . Her birth mothers Mother is trying to talk her out of it and looking into trying to take her from us , even tho her daughter said there is No way she will let her take her away from us nor will she change her mind . In seeking information on if the grandmother has any rights after the adoption and if there is a waiting period on how long we have to be married , how long ? Thank you .

Desert Hot Springs, CA -

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Michael Roger Schneider

Michael Roger Schneider

Adoption Lawyer - Riverside, CA

There is no time to wait for the step parent adoption. And the grandmother has no rights to the child. If she tries something though, I would highly suggest you get an attorney. Where is the biological dad? If he does not consent to the adoption, you may have to wait a year to be able to terminate his rights.

Lawrence John Gibney Jr.

Lawrence John Gibney Jr.

Adoption Lawyer - Jacksonville, FL

To add to Mr. Schneider's asnwer, where is the biological father. He will need to be notified. Best of luck to you.

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