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In AZ does child support increase when the child turns 12/becomes a teen? Do I have to request the modification? Child is 13 now

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Our divorce decree and support order is thru the Arizona courts. It was last modified in 2009 when our son was 11. Now he is almost 14 and a prior attorney told me it would increase when he became a teen. Is this info correct? I have always had primary physical custody. Is it up to me to request an increase? And will I be granted an increase based solely on his age? I know my income hasn't increased, and I've never received accurate financial info from my ex-he submits shady info and past attorneys have always advised me just to accept what he turns in. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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  1. There is a 10% increase (based on the basic child support obligation) once a child turns 12 years of age. However, this increase is not automatic, and a modification must be requested. It is your responsibility to request a modification of child support.
    It is not guaranteed that you will receive an increase in child support based solely on the "teen adjustment" because there are so many other factors that are considered in the child support calculation: the incomes of both parents, health and dental insurance costs, and the parenting time days.

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