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In a private sale of a motorhome, how can I best receive payment and transfer title without risk of fraud?

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I have a motorhome listed for sale on a couple internet sites. I've heard so much about fraudulent or fake certified checks, etc. that I'm concerned about how to insure I am not defrauded when the vehicle sells. My bank suggests a direct bank to bank transfer of funds. But I recently heard a law enforcement report warning against even that. If I sell to someone who is local, I'm sure we could work things out face to face and with local bank authorities. But if I sell to someone who is not local, I don't know how to handle the situation. Should I insist that a buyer come here and let my bank work with him/her to insure that a genuine transfer of funds into my account takes place before I give up title, or is some kind of electronic transfer of funds sufficiently safe? Obviously, I want to be sure that real money is actually in my account before I give the title and keys to the vehicle to a buyer. So I'm looking for clarification and advice on the safest and best way to handle such a transaction.

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In transactions such as this, there are escrow agencies that may be of assistance. The agencies do charge for their services. I have also participated in closings such as this where the closing took place in the bank and once a bank transfer took place and transferred to a dummy account and then your account the deal was allowed to close. For more information, contact my office.
Unfortunately, in the small space provided for questions one is unable to get a full background of the story. In the situations such as you are explaining you should immediately seek the counsel of a capable attorney that practices in the area of family law or if you cannot afford an attorney, you should seek a social service organization in your area. This answer is general in nature and does not form an attorney client relationship. If you would like to get more information on this topic or to establish an attorney client relationship please contacts my office.

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