In a major accident, someone hit me from behind , please advise CA attorney

Asked about 2 years ago - Santa Clara, CA

Someone hit me from behind in a major street. His car is wrecked and mine is really damaged at the back. I called 911 and they connect me to the police station. The CHP officer did not create police report but he gave a card with case# and his name/badge in it. He said there is a more priority accident where it involves rollover/life that he needs to attend to immediately so he needs to go. Although I got a witness who came by. Also, the other driver told me he admit fault and he will settle with me and we exchanged insurance info/took pictures.

Now, do I need to call the other drivers insurance first to file the claim? Do I need to involve my insurance at all? Also, my back started hurting few hours after the accident. I don't want my premium to go up since I'm not at fault. Pls advise!

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    Answered . You can actually consult with any CA attorney who can advise you and represent you. You deserve to be compensated for all of your damages and losses since you were not at fault. I f you are going to hire an attorney to represent you ( which I recommend since settlements with lawyers typically are much higher) do not speak to the other party's insurance company without the lawyer. You should report it to your carrier and file the required papers with the DMV but the lawyer can take care of that for you as well. It's common when there is no police report for the other party to change their story about how the accident happened so you have to be careful. You could even file a counter report at the police department with a lawyers help. Most importantly you should go to the doctor today to document that you were injured in the accident and get the medical treatment you need. All the best to your for a speedy recovery.

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    Answered . Report it, and call one of the lawyers above in your state to evaluate your claim.

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    Answered . There is a requirement to report the accident to the DMV. Also, within 30 days, you must report this accident to yoour your insurance company. If you are hurt get treated and if your injuries get worse, conult with an attorney in your neighborhood. Do not worry about your premiums going up, most insurance companies do not penalize you if the accident was not caused by you. Best of luck.

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    Answered . Yes a claim should be opened both under your insurance and the wrongdoers insurance. Your premium shouldn't go up since the accident was not your fault. If you're in pain, see a doctor. I highly suggest you retain a local personal injury attorney. All the best.

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    Answered . Call an experienced personal injury attorney right now. There is nothing to gain by delay. Almost all personal injury attorneys handle cases without the requirement that you pay any legal fees out of your own pocket; the fees are paid from any settlement obtained from the opposing insurance company. It is a mistake not to contact an attorney right away.

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    Answered . When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident (especially a "rear ender" which means liability is pretty much a given... And it is not the one who gets rear ended), he or she should get immediate medical attention. Then, hire a personal injury attorney.

    Wen someone is injured, he or she should only be concerned with getting better, attending doctor visits, attending physical therapy, etc. The lawyer will handle the rest... Figuring out who to sue, whether insurance covers the accident, whose insurance should cover, etc.

    Fortunately, most of us personal injury types offer free consultations and take such cases on contingency, so there is nothing to fear in calling us.


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    Answered . You need to report the incident to your insurance carrier immediately. You should also open a claim with the other driver's insurance company as well. If you were injured, you should seek prompt medical attention and retain an attorney and let the attorney handle the reporting of the claims to both insurance companies.

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