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In a family court hagues, i am representing my self

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In a hugue convention matter family court, i am representing me, the petitioner attorney now wants to examinated me, can i cross examinated the attoney? To try to clear my self from some question i have made a mistake when awnsering?

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    If you are talking about giving testimony in trial or at deposition, the attorney is allowed to ask you questions. You cannot cross-examine the attorney. You can ask him questions, but he does not have to answer.
    If you are a party, you can ask the petitioner questions.
    As for finding an attorney that might be willing to represent you on a limited basis, use the AVVO find a lawyer feature and look for family law attorneys.

  2. This should be in family law heading where you might get some help. Ill move it.

  3. Hague convention proceedings are extremely technical; you need to speak with a family law attorney with Hague Convention experience, and NOT try to handle this without an attorney.

  4. I suppose you could ask, but I doubt the judge will allow that. Furthermore, that won't get you anywhere in the case. Your best best to is hire an experienced attorney with Hague Convention experience to assist you in your case, whether it be limited scope or full representation. I would be more than willing to talk with you and develop your options moving forward to sort out your case. Best of luck.
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