In a divorce decree can the petitioner tell the respondent were they have to live?

I am a victim of domestic violence concern as to how the decree my ex has had his attourney draw up.

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Peggy Margaret Raddatz

Peggy Margaret Raddatz

Family Law Attorney - La Grange, IL

If you mean do you have to tell the spouse who is violent to you where you live there are laws in most states to protect that information. Go seek a consultation with an attorney with experticse in domestic violence cases. Do not agree nor sign anything until you talk to an attorney. good luck. Also you may need an restraining order so please if you are in any danger right now seek refuge with a friend until you can go to court tomorrow and seek a restraining order as an emergency. All local court houses have this information readily available either in person or online.

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Ronald S. Pichlik

Ronald S. Pichlik

Criminal Defense Attorney - Battle Creek, MI

You don't have the right to tell him where he can live. If an order of protection forbids him from being within a certain radius of you he can't violate that. You also have the right, depending on the circumstances of the domestic violence history, to request of the court that you not be required to disclose your address.

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