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In 2003 I applied for a job, I declined the job after an interview. Ever since then my information (SS#, Identity) was stolen.

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I am a victim of wage garnishment, in 2006 I filed for IDES benefits. I received $6000.00. IDES informed me that someone was stealing my information. I made a police report and went to IDES to discuss the situation. They understood I was following up with them. All they would have me do is tell them what companies I had not worked for. Since it was a numerous amount of companies which my Social Security Number was being used for I had to follow up a lot. IDES in Illinois did not ask me to do much, only to come back after making the police report to repeat the company delete process My life and financial credibility have been tarnished. I do not even have a reputed credit score, and I have to question my abilities to find a job because of this situation. Can I sue the company responsible?

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    It might be possible to sue them, but those cases are an uphill battle, unless you have some proof they hired somebody they should have know was a risk and gave that person access to your personal information. If you haven't gotten all of the identity theft accounts off your credit report, there might be legal action you could pursue against the credit bureaus and/or the companies reporting identity theft accounts to credit bureaus. If you have already send the bureaus and those companies a dispute and a police report, and they haven't blocked the reporting of the accounts, you should see a consumer law attorney about the possibility of filing a Fair Credit Reporting Act case. Most will provide a free consultation and take good FCRA cases on a contingency basis.

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  2. I strongly urge you to consult one of Chicago's excellent attorneys in person for guided, detailed advice

  3. I concur with Ms. Goodwin's excellent answer.

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