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In 1997 while vacationing in Greenburgh, NY I was struck by a car and sustained severe head and leg injuries.

New Haven, CT |

I was hospitalized for 2-3 days. I live in CT so I continued my treatment here and hired a a lawyer to help me sort things through. After months of physical therapy and medical care my attorney settled the case for a meager 30K, after paying all expenses-related plus his attorney fee I was left with nearly nothing. At the time I understood that the settlement seemed unjust but he claimed that b/c it was out of state it would need to go to trial so be better settle now. Over a decade later, I started suffering from a debilitating pain (meralgia paraesthetica) in the injured leg and am told it must have been caused by a traumatic injury. What are my chances of reopening this case? I sent the former attorney and email over 2 weeks but have not heard back. Many thanks for any guidance.

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    Based on the information you provided I don't think you have any chance of reopening the case. A full and final settlement is just that. Typically settling parties acknowledge and agree that they understand their injuries/conditions may get worse in the future but the case is still over. I can't speak to the merits of the settlement, but even if the attorney committed malpractice, it's too late to bring that claim too.

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  3. I would focus on your medical treatment and getting better,. Unfortunately re-opening your case and claim will be unsuccesful. By signing the release you gave away or waived your rights to seek or request any additional compensation regardless of any future issue or health problems. Any claim against the attorney may also be barred by the statute of limitations.

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