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In 1994 was going to jail on 2nd dui,,, while waiting to go to jail i got my 3rd,,,

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i was in jail on 2nd dui when the 3rd dui court date came up..i told the courts that i had another court date ..they said they would notify the other court that i was in lock up did my 10 days and every thing out of jail,,,no cops came to my house no letters form courts on 3rd dui,,so i assumed that it had been dropped ,,, i quit drinking after the 10 days in jail havent drink since 94,,,never needed my license so i never called the courts to find out...well its been 19 years now ..i need my license for a job...i called the courts 2 yeras ago they said the case was closed .and i had to pay to reopen,,will i go to jail on this,,,

i was 27 at the time now 47 ive got alot more to lose now than i had back than,,,just hoping i could get a big fine.,, havent been in one bit of trouble since 94..alcohol is no longer part of my life i dont need classes and all that.i have house now ,wife and kid..i had none of that back than back than,,,, didnt even have a home ..guess thats why i was so careless

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It is difficult to answer this question as more specific information is needed. How that third DUI resolved is an important factor in deciphering what happened and what are the next steps to take. However, don't post that information on any public forum. Call a competent criminal defense lawyer for a consult.

Brian S. Karpe, Esq. (860) 724-6426 Note: This response DOES NOT constitute legal advice and therefore no specific action should be taken in reliance thereon. No attorney-client relationship is created through this response. You should speak to an licensed attorney in your state who is competent to answer your question before taking any action with regard to this question.

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Unlikely that you will be facing jail, but more information is needed. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for a free consultation to go over all of your options.

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