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In, NYC Does child support go through age 21 or 23 for a full time college student

Staten Island, NY |

Please help. 2nd request, same question !!
Does the non custodial parent have to pay child support through the age of 21 or 23 for a full time student in NYC? Ive been told both, so Im confused. My current stipulation say6s it ends when my son turns 21 but he will only be in his 3rd year of college.

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Child support ends at the end of the 18th year. If you have an agreement for a longer time period your ex is just being kind. And if your son is 21 and hasn't started his junior year yet he shouldn't be supported. He should learn to make his own way as most of us who graduated at 21 did.



dont have kids you cant support without half of someone elses money...and dont ask for money when the kid is in college and you dont even pay his way...


The child support obligation in New York by statute runs through age 21 unless the child is emancipated earlier. Your child support will end automatically at age 21, unless there is an agreement otherwise. Many separation agreements or divorce stipulations provide for payments for college costs until the child graduates or reaches a specified age beyond 21. Unless you have such an agreement with your ex that provides for payments after your son reaches 21, the courts do not extend the requirement to pay past age 21. This is true even though your son will not have graduated until he is 22 or 23.

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