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Imputing income for child support

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I lost great job went from 104,000 to 24000/yr. Father shares placement 43% and makes 104,000. I also get public assistance. I want to reach out to child support office and start child support order hopefully. How is income looked at if to get state aid by actual and state will likely seek support from father at least to cover my aid. do they use actual or imputed or depends? Also, is shared placement calculator uesed to determeine support or does that depend on situation?

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Every situation is unique.if you have lost employment by no fault of your own, the court will not be as likely to impute income to you and you should file a motion to modify child support right away because of the substantial change of circumstances. You don't want to wait because you can ask for support back to the date of filing your motion. You should contact an experienced family law attorney right away, our office offers free initial consultations and we can be contacted at (414)225-0225.

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Imputation of income in child support cases generally occurs in cases where a parent is underemployed (i.e., earning below their capacity) by choice. The choice does not have to arise out of a malevolent or irresponsible reason, such as a desire to pay less child support. Rather, even a choice to accept lesser paying employment because of reasonable lifestyle decisions could result in imputation of income at the party's income earning ability. Where underemployment occurs as a result of involuntary layoff or other reasons beyond the party's control, the likelihood of imputation is significantly less.

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DCF150 is law. That is how it is handled unless there are circumstances that demand otherwise.
There is a shared placement calulator can be found from a Google Search by typing "Wisconsin Shared Placement Calculator" it will be a XLS file.

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