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Improper Police involvement

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17 year old girl is at a party drinking alcohol throughout the night,in an off campus apartment. She is left alone in the living room for 15 min with a boy . After the 15 min the two girls who left the apartment came back and say everything seemed normal. The next morning she tells two of the girls she thinks the boy tried to kiss her or tried to make her do something sexual .Her mother a university police officer asked the girl to show where the apartment was it was not on campus. She took her daughter to the university police station anyway where a university police officer co-worker of the mother interviewed the girl. After that interview a victims advocate for the university police also interviewed the girl before they called the city police who had juristiction do to the location

I'm sorry I was not specific I was running out of space the specific question is. Was the investigation compromised when the victims mother drove to the University Police where she has worked for 19 years to have her co-workers interview her daughter regarding an alleged assault that was not in their jurisdiction. As Mr. Umansky mentioned their may be a credibility issue as she could have been couched as to what to say to the city police when they came to investigate. This incident allegedly happened at 2:00am early on a Thursday and at 9:00 am Thursday the victim told two of the girls that she thinks the boy tried to kiss her and make her do something to her but she could not remember. Twenty two hours later she went drinking again and fell asleep. While sleeping she was dreaming and remembered everything that he did with specifics. Does it is fall under the reflective thought category.

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The police can take a statement about an alleged crime even if it is not in their jurisdiction and turn it over to other law enforcement. There may be credibility issues but that could be later exposed in cross examination if someone was charged and there was a trial.

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It appears unclear what your question is. The only thing that I can gather is that the university police did not have jurisdiction over the apartment. However, the University Police did not search the apartment or take interviews there-so I see no issue. If your question relates to something else please clarify.


There is nothing that you wrote that is objectively improper. As one of the first two replies already stated, the police who lacked jurisdiction, with regard to the apartment, merely took a statement. Please clarify your question.


I don't see a problem with the university police involvement.

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