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Immigration issues defrauding an innkeeper???

Orlando, FL |

Changed with defrauding an innkeeper more than $300 uk tourist will plea guilty will he get a life time ban???

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    as a tourist he is not subject to a lifetime ban as a matter of law.but do you really think that the amcon general will give him another visa to come back? the visa waiver won't help him either as he will get screened when he steop off the plane. though it is a petty offense, he has to remember that there are millions who want to come whot won't rip off the innkeeper. enjoy the magic kingdom before you go home

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  2. Your best bet is to have a local immigration lawyer analyze to see. Sounds to me like it may be a theft crime but I am not familiar with that particular statute in FL.

  3. No, in theory, from a purely technical analysis and the INA as written. But, in reality, this will most assuradly affect future immigration benefits for a long time to come if not directly, then indirectly.

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