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My wife and I was told that we would be getting a letter to go to an instoke interview and we did receive a letter and went for an interview but it was a I-130 interview. The officer asked me several questions and then my wife came in and asked her the same in front of me. The question I have is will we be going also for an in stoke interview or will this be the only one? Thanks for any help. I am a US citizen and she is from China under removal proceeding.

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Susan Renee Bond

Susan Renee Bond

Immigration Attorney - Dallas, TX

Sir, the "Stokes Interview" is when the USCIS calls you in for the I-130 interview, and then separates you to interview you. This happens when the USCIS believes there may be a fraudulent marriage or for instance if the petitioner (as your wife) is in deportation proceedings. They may ask you to come in for another interview on the I-130, but since they separated you for the interview you mentioned, this would be considered a Stokes Interview. Best of luck to you both.

Robert Henry Beer

Robert Henry Beer

Immigration Attorney - Marietta, GA

Unfortunately, you did not provide enough information to intelligently answer your question. Was the I-130 approved or denied? What is your wife in removal proceedings? You would be wise, a minimum, to seek my legal advice of that of one of my esteemed colleagues. You are NOT going to get your answer here. Each case is very CASE SPECIFIC. I can be reached at either (770)955-785 or via e-mail at Hope this helps. Wishing you well. THINK IMMIGRATION - THINK BOB BEER.

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

This, unfortunately is what you get when you proceed on your own, without the expert guidance of an attorney in a removal proceedings situation.

You should have never had an I-130 interview. Now you will of course have yet another one..
The proper way to do this would have been for your (imaginary) attorney to negotiation with the lawyers representing ICE and have agree to stipulate to the termination of removal proceeding, and based on that have the immigration judge "terminate" all court proceedings to allow your wife to apply for adjustment with USCIS. You would have then had only one (1) I-485 interview, and if successful, your wife would have been admitted into lawful permanent residence at the conclusion of that interview. Your lawyer would have prepared you for the questions and would have been present with you during the interview process.

It is still not too late. Secure the services of a competent immigration lawyer in your neck of the woods!!

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