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Immigration hold, chance of deportation, but parents were already naturalized when he was minor.

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My husband has been locked up and his parole out date is Jan 2010. He has an immigration hold on him. His parents were already naturalized when he was a minor. Will this save him from being deported? He has no relatives in the Phillippines. All are now here in the states.

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If your husband's parents became US citizens when he was under 18, your husband should have his attorney check whether your husband automatically became a US citizen when his parents became US citizens.

If he is a US citizen, USCIS has no jurisdiction over him to deport him.

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I agree that it would help to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney. That attorney will want to know your husband's date of birth, when he became a permanent resident (if he is a permanent resident), whether his parents were married (and if divorced or never married - who had custody of him, from what date, and who he physically resided with), and the dates that his parents naturalized.

If your husband did not become a citizen through his parents then the immigration attorney can explain whether or not your husband will be eligible for bond and relief from deportation.


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There is a big chance your husband is a US citizen and he does not even know about it. Therefore it will be wise to have a good attorney look into the case to find out if he was included in the Naturalization. The rules for naturalization changed over time and for each period of time, different rules have applied.

Good Luck
Shah Peerally
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