Immigration about the obama policy please help.

I came to the United State when i was 5 years old, got my high school diploma currently attending college, and have obtain an associate degree got all my paper work ready. I also want to apply for dental hygienist in tcc wonder how they do background check One things is I am afraid is when i was 14 year old i went to shoplifting at fry's electronics and was caught for shoplifting, didnt not get arrested but was fined of 400 dollars, the police had me and my friend finger print, was told that we was going to get a court date in a month but never seen the court date, but me and my friend got fined for 400 to for damaging fry's property and we paid it.. FYI my friend now is in Pharmacist school so can someone tell me if im still qualify.. will be going to a lawyer soon...

Fort Worth, TX -

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Steven Sahag Vosbikian

Steven Sahag Vosbikian

Immigration Attorney - Cherry Hill, NJ

When you retain an experienced immigration attorney, have him her request a certified disposition (if any exists).

The regulations for the deferred action program have not been provided yet, but a conviction of certain crimes will disqualify you.

You were fingerprinted. If this new policy requires biometrics (for you to get your fingerprints taken), your fingerprints (old fingerprints) could match in the system, and a conviction will pop up. Have your attorney obtain the certified dispositions and vet out the case.

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Gregory Patrick Sheehan

Gregory Patrick Sheehan

Immigration Attorney - Plymouth, MA

You will need to address your criminal history right away. For more general information about Obama's policy, let me know what you think of this video.


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Adam Gregory Masserang

Adam Gregory Masserang

Estate Planning Attorney - Ann Arbor, MI

In addition to agreeing with the other attorneys, I would note that "the obama policy" is only a policy. It is not a law and it can be changed by the President at any time.

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