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New York, NY | question is: i want to ask my our friends (my and husband) about letters they they know us that we live together (for my adjusment based on marriage) it should look like? what form of letters and what it should include? phone numbers or what?

thank you

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  1. The name , address and phone number should be on the letter.. and a date. A notarized letter is better, but not required

    The letter should indicate how they know you and for how long . Do you know them through church ? Work ? etc...

    Good luck

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  2. In addition to what attorney Fleischer has suggested, the letter should include what they have observed about your relationship, the occasions that they have had to observe your relationship and why they think that your marriage is a good faith marriage based on love.

  3. The letter describes how they know you and what type of interaction you have had and what they observed about your marital relationship.

  4. It should include the name, address, immigration status, how and how long they know you and your husband, what is the nature of your relationship with them, and describe what they observed to make them believe that your marriage is a bona fide (real marriage). You should make it in form of an Affidavit and have them sign it and notarized by a notary. Also, may I suggest attaching a copy of their identification. With that being said, I suggest you hire an attorney with your process. I assume you are preparing this for I-751 Application?

    Good Luck!.

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  5. The more information they give the better. If they sound like they do not know you are are just doing you a favor, they won't count as much.

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