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I have i131 pending for wife. Yesterday I received request for additio al evidence nce requesting pp (passport I believe)? For me. I am a naturalized citizen. So I don't have passport. Can something else be sent?

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The passport should be for your wife since the I-131 is for her. If for some odd reason the request is for your passport, you may apply for one at the U.S. post office in your area since you are a U.S. citizen.



Thanks for reponse. I agree its probably more for my wife. I would apply for one my self but they are requesting these items by june 2 or petition will be denied. Obviously I won't get psssport by then. I will send copy of naturalized citizen cert. Thanks again.

Lawrence M. Kasen

Lawrence M. Kasen


Your welcome!


You may consider sending a copy of your Naturalization Certificate, driver's license (front and back), and/or any other ID you might have. If you meant "I-130" not I-131, you should have sent your Naturalization Certificate and Passport or other ID in the initial packet and that may be why you are receiving this request for more evidence.

Always be sure to CAREFULLY read the instructions and you may consider hiring an attorney for future legal matters. Best of luck to you and your wife.

This is not legal advice and is only general information. I am not your attorney. No attorney-client relationship is formed by this communication.


Why don't you have someone review the RFE with you. Something doesn't make sense- if they are really looking for a copy of a passport, make sure who's passport they are asking for. I agree with my colleague- it makes more sense if they are requesting a copy of your wife's passport since it is her I-131 application that is pending.

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Unlike the quite plausible concern of Ms. Marinello, I will assume that you are referring to an I-131 application for parole allowing entry into the country. For one thing, an I-131 for someone that doesn't yet have a legal visa to enter the U.S. indicates she may have a need for some reason to allow her to enter the U.S. pending her approval of her application or your petition. In either instance, for you to get a Request for Evidence (RFE) is even more puzzling. And if you were petitioning for her to have legal residence (I-129F), with an urgent need to obtain parole, what would that be? In either event, you should have already included proof of your naturalized citizenship, which would mean you should not be required to produce a passport, but she still would with an I-131 Parole Application. You definitely need a lawyer's oversight of something you may not understand, even if you read it carefully.

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thank you. it is actually parole in place, as opposed o the regular advanced parole. USCIS is having us submit I-131 as the document to apply for residency based on military or ex-military status. I have never had a passport and dont see why they would need my passport but i wil send them copy of naturalization certificate along with other picture id.

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