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Im sceduled for mediation and im no longer workin im still having dr appointments in lots of pain

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wc dr says i can work but i cant im in to much pain so i explain to my ajuster that i cant work im still having dr visit .wc has arranged a mediation .my quetion to you is what will happen at medation in my case i suffererd neck and back injuries as well as an eye injury. can i still settle ?

how much do they wc ajusters usaully off in a settlement like that.

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  1. If you have an attorney, you really should address this with him or her. If you don't have one, from the sounds of it, you really need to consult one. Mediation is nothing more than a settlement conference to find out how much they are willing to pay you today to settle the case. FL law allows any injured the worker the right to settle their case, even on the date of the accident, if he/she can agree on an amount with the carrier. That being said, it sounds like your case may have complex issues and it would benefit you to seek the assistance of counsel

  2. You can always settle your case. The question is, should you. If you are in so much pain you cannot work, you need to look at your options, such as whether you may qualify for permanent total disability, or if you will need spine surgery in the future. Without more information, it is difficult to make a recommendation. Consideration needs to be given as to your age, education, work history and physical imitations. If you have an attorney, you need to discuss these issues with them. If you do not have an attorney, you should immediately contact a board certified workers' compensation attorney in your area.

  3. The short answer is yes, you can settle. However, I strongly suggest that you discuss your case with an attorney who handles workers comp cases.

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  4. Please take advantage of one of these attorneys who offer free consultations. Just because the ins co wants to settle doesn't mean that you should.

  5. You can always reach a settlement. Mediation is the best opportunity for settlement to happen. You do not want to settle anything, however, until you speak to a lawyer and know what your claim is worth. Have you exercised your one time change in physicians?

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