Im renting a residential garage, it has a living room,bath,bed and kitchen. How to find out if this is legal or illegal

Does home owners require any special permit to convert a garage to residential space?

Deer Park, NY -

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Shaye Larkin

Shaye Larkin

Bankruptcy Attorney - San Francisco, CA

Permits are absolutely required for garage conversions in Deer Park. You can find out if your landlord obtained the proper permits by visiting the Deer Park Building Department. They are located at 420 Rt. 209, Huguenot, NY 12746

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Steven Warren Smollens

Steven Warren Smollens

Real Estate Attorney - New York, NY

Dear Deer Park Tenant:

The Town of Babylon requires a Certificate of Occupancy prior to any legal occupancy:

">>>No building hereafter erected, enlarged, extended or altered shall be occupied or used in whole or in part until a certificate of occupancy, certifying that such building conforms to the approved plans and the requirements of these building standards and stating the purposes for which the building may be used in its several parts and any special stipulations, shall have been issued by the Building Inspector and signed by him or his authorized assistant. If the occupancy or use of a building is not discontinued during the work of alteration, the occupancy or use of the building shall not continue for more than 30 days after completion of the alteration unless a certificate shall have been issued.>>>"

See Section 89-28 of the Town of Babylon Code.

So you may check with the Town to learn if a Certificate of Occupancy exists for the converted garage.

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Edward Papa

Edward Papa

Real Estate Attorney - Newburgh, NY

Shaye and Steven are both correct. Depending upon which Deer Park you live in(upstate or Ling Island) check with the appropriate permitting body.

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Shawn B Alexander

Shawn B Alexander

Real Estate Attorney - Olga, WA

I agree with the previous answer . Your concern should be safety as the building codes are there to protect the public and if the owner didn't follow the code you may be at risk. A good deal on rent isn't a good deal if you are at risk from fire, carbon monoxide, electrical shock or structural collapse. Does the homeowner's insurance know he is renting? Who will pay your medical expenses if you are harmed?
Good Luck

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