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Im on reffered probation for thef && i picked another charge n dis morning the cops came to pick Me up n took Me to jail n got

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Bond out but i Have to visit my probation officer tomorrow n im 8 in a half months pregnant im scared What can happn to me

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  1. You need to tell your PO about the new case. She cannot arrest you on the spot. She will have to send your file into the court so a violation can be filed and a warrant issued. You need to hire a defense attorney immediately. They can arrange a walk through to post the bond on the pv so you don't actually go into custody.

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  2. You will likely get a warrant on a motion to adjudicate your deferred probation, and you will have to answer to both cases. You will need a lawyer. If you are indigent, they will appoint one to represent you.

    Expect a warrant on the MAG.

    Cynthia Henley

  3. Hire an attorney ASAP. As soon as a warrant is issued on the Motion to Adjudicate you will need to get walked through to avoid another arrest.

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