Im I entitle to any compensation? Does their insurance have to pay me?

Asked 8 months ago - San Angelo, TX

On May 15 I was the back seat passanger of a 4 time roll over car accident. I was ejected from the car my right hand/wrist required surgery to place a fixture in it because it was broke/dislocated severly. I also have 2 fractures in the upper back that I was told nothing can be done about, I have not yet seen a dr since the day after my surgry then was released, I called the office of the dr who preformed my surgry an was refused because of no insurance an no money. I im unable to work due to this accident, and have zero income to survive on not to mention im in need of medical attention & guidence, my aunt was front seat pasanger an my uncle was driving. I was just catching a ride to work. They have full covorage insurance an they have received compentation

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    Answered . I have moved this question to the auto-accident/personal injury forum. Hopefully, you will get more responses there.

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    Answered . You definitely need to talk to a personal injury attorney about pursuing claims against the other individuals involved in the suit and their insurance companies.

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    Answered . As the other Attorneys stated, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer. Keep in mind there is a two-years statute of limitations for tort actions in Texas.

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    Answered . Hire an attorney to assist you. It sounds like, at the minimum, you have a claim against your uncle's insurance auto policy. Good luck.

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    Answered . You need to talk to a personal injury attorney to pursue your uncles insurance company for you

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