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Im green card holder my boyfriend live in nepal. I want to marry with him and we want to live us .how to he can join us

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Im us since 2009 im here by ufo im bhutani refugee. Im not marriad yet my planing is i wiil go to nepal and will be marry with my boyfriend then i will be came back in usa im working here.

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If you are a green card holder, you can file an immigrant visa petition for your husband. However, your husband will have to wait until a visa number becomes available to him. Currently, that wait can be about 2.5 years.

To be approved, you will need to show that you have at least the required income. If you do not have the income, you need to find a joint financial sponsor who has the income.

There are many reason why a petition may be denied. Before filing, you should review the specific facts with your attorney to see whether there may be potential problems and how to resolve those problems.


you can get married and you can petition for him but as the spouse of an LPR, it will be a while. Once you get your citizenship (if it happens within that time frame), things will go much faster.

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I agree with my colleague. You should be able to petition your spouse but he would be on a waiting list for the visa and could last a long time depending on the processing times at the consulate in his country. If you wait until you are eligible for citizenship your husband's wait time will be shortened tremendously as a visa will be immediately available to him as your immediate relative. Contact and attorney and explain your situation.

Gabriela M. Lopez, Esq.


You may petition as a green card holder once you are married. The current wait time is about 2 1/2 years. If you become a US citizen the process will be a bit quicker.

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