Im getting divorced in july i want to get alimony from him is there a way to get him for that?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Chicopee, MA

i have been abused abandoned lied and used and cheated i would like help even now im seperated i wish i got help from him he lost all contact to me changed phone number blocked facebook he abused me iin august had a pretrial was going to have a trial in jan 30 charmed me into his life after 4 mos of seperation and started taking me out again coming my house taking me to dinner being intimate and then feb 13 comes and dumps me and found out hes been cheating on me with a girl after a month trying to b my friend so i can drop the charges i been going counseling and now i go to domestic vioelence program and i told her about this she says i should get it for emotional distress cuz he abadonen me cheated on me and lied and used me what can i do for any helpp i need help bad

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  1. Robert A Stolzberg

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    Answered . Generally speaking, alimony is not based on the conduct of the parties. It is based on the length of the marriage and the earnings of each of the spouses.

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  2. Steven Edward Zlochiver


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    Answered . You should look at Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 208, Sections 48-55, to see if you may be aligible for alimony. It can depend on how long you've been married, or if you need alimony for a period of time to establish a career so that you can support yourself independently, or for a time so that you will be able to transition to single, independent life. I hope this helps to get you started.

  3. Emma A. Kremer

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    Answered . I'm sorry that you are dealing with this difficult situation. I agree with the answers of my colleagues that support is need-based not conduct-based. Since you have been through enough as it is with your husband you should really consult a divorce attorney to have someone on your side. You may be able to have him help pay your legal fees. You can search online for a divorce attorney on this website on the find a lawyer tab. If you are still suffering from abuse you should call the police and for emotional abuse continue with counseling and if you have a home together your attorney may be able to get an order for him to vacate. To keep your interests protected in the divorce, consult an attorney as soon as possible. Best of luck.

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  4. Johanna Gatta

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    Answered . Spousal support, which is often referred to as "alimony" can be awarded for a number of reasons, and the court’s consider the recipient’s need and the payor’s ability to pay.

    When determining alimony, courts may also look at a variety of other factors, including:

    -Length of the marriage
    -Age of the parties
    -Health of the parties
    -Income, employment and employability of both parties, including employability through reasonable diligence and additional training, if necessary
    -Economic and non-economic contribution of both parties to the marriage
    -Marital lifestyle
    -Ability of each party to maintain the marital lifestyle
    -Lost economic opportunity as a result of the marriage
    -Such other factors as the court considers relevant and material

    Ultimately, whether alimony will be awarded in your divorce or post-divorce is somewhat complex. An experienced divorce attorney can evaluate your situation and tell you whether an award is likely, and if so, the potential and maximum amount and duration of alimony.

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  5. Henry Lebensbaum

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    Answered . This is the financial question not a moral question. How long have you been married and do you have any kids who are r minors?

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Alimony is the regular monetary allowance one ex-spouse may be required to pay the other after a divorce.

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