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Im confused do you have 10 or 30 days to file an appeal in an Ud case in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA |

I just want to know the exact time limit.

Im just curious why it says everywhere I only have 10 days in a Ud ? Is that law or by juristiction or is it really a full 30 days. should i submit another question? i hope you dont mind me asking one more question I signed a STIPULATION FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF COURT COMMISSIONER ROBERT HARRISON but my case was heard by another judge can that be grounds for appeal? Thanks again you guys are very helpful and quick much appreciated

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Assuming your case is an unlimited civil case, which almost all Unlawful Detainers are, you have 30 days from service of notice of entry of the judgment. Note that the time is not extended for mailing. If no one serves a notice of entry, you have 90 days. The time changes if someone serves a valid motion for new trial or motion for reconsideration.

    These periods govern every court in the state, not just those in Los Angeles.