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Im charged with Corruption of Minor and Furnishing Alcohol

Palmyra, PA |

I was charged with corruption of a minor/furnishing alcohol. This girl was a runaway actually 15 years old even though her and my ex girlfriend told me she was about to be 18 and her mom beats her so as a favor to my ex girl i let her friend stay the night.. I went to go pick up my guy friend when they were in my house and she may have drank a little beer in her report which was taken by the police 2 days after the following morning she said she took two gulps and was given marijuana fact is she brought the marijuana and i wasent there to watch her take my alcohol which my ex even told her not to shes 18 my ex.. anyway 2 days after the fact she toldthe police i was never questioned or anything i just got the paper for a prelimenary hearing.. now both my guy friend and my ex will testify

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Stop posting statements about the case and secure a criminal defense attorney immediately.

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I totally agree with Attorney Keller; do not post any additional information on the Internet. Talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Lebanon Co. area ASAP.

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You need to hire a criminal defense attorney before making any more public statements about the case.

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