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Im awaiting a court date and wonder if there is any way i can rush it?

San Antonio, TX |

Ive been out on bond for 3weeks now im tryin to see what i can do to rush a court date. My ex partners charges have been droped an im trying to figuar out how come i havent heard anything do i go about all this i really dont understand how his case got droped

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  1. Spent the money for an hour consult with a top criminal defense attorney in your area. Please do not go calling prosecutors or courts asking to speed it up. Talk to a lawyer first. Do not make any statements about the (potential) case to any law enforcement. To answer your question, Yes - it is often possible for a criminal defense lawyer to advance court dates. However, it is often unwise to do so. Sometimes its good to get things moving fast, but sometimes - even though its stressful - its better to quietly wait. Again, an experienced criminal lawyer should be able to advise you in Texas.

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  2. You're just going to have to let the system run its course. Three weeks isn't much of a wait. I'm not sure I've ever had a case filed that quickly when my client was on bond. A case can't be dismissed before it's filed (if at all), and this process can take months. You need to hire an attorney who practices criminal defense in your county to get a better idea of what to expect.

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  3. 3 weeks is nothing. Most cases take at least 3 months to be filed and assigned a court. There really is no way to rush the process. Your lawyer may be able to call the DA's office once it gets there so that is assigned a court quicker. Talk to him about that.

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  4. In San Antonio, if you were arrested and charged you should have received a court date. If you have an attorney, ask her to reset your case to a date sooner. If not then you will have to wait.

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