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Im a victim of DV my case is going to trial, I have done a lot of research but im scared I may have missed something?

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I have 3 documented police reports with photographs along with 3 documented cases through DCF of my husband abusing me while pregnant. I finally found the means of escaping, I am pursuing felony charges. I have extensive evidence of his abuse as far as an affidavit from my midwife stating his controlling nature. The state attorney had to drop the charge down to a misdemeanor due to me dropping the first to offenses, as a I was forced to and the fact that he has hired an attorney to fight the charges. I have an extensive paper-trail against this man but I fear he may talk his way out of this someway somehow. He has absolutely nothing on me other than he said/she said evidence. I cannot afford a lawyer as I have used my expenses to fund a safe environment for the children and I. Any advic

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  1. Contact the prosecutors office for the county that is handling the case and ask them who the prosecutor is that's assigned to the matter. Once you find that out, contact the prosecutor and let them know what your feelings are. That's probably the best thing that you can do in regards to the pending criminal case at this point.

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  2. If it's been dropped to a misdemeanor then it will likely handled by a city court. Contact the city prosecutor's office that is handling the case and make sure they have all of your accurate contact information. The city will proceed with the charges but if they can't reach you then they can't effectively advocate for you.

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  3. Gather all your evidence, call the state attorney's office and ask for a meeting with the victim advocate and the prosecuting attorney's supervisor.

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