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Im a parolee and my house was raided by gang task force. i was not home when they came no parole officer was there.

Pomona, CA |

can they bring people that were outside into my home and say that i was associating with them. plus they said it was a parole sweep but my parole officer has no knowledge of what happened

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Typically the agency would check with your PO to make sure that you were on active parole but the fact that your PO did not know about the sweep may not be dispositive in your case. There are many other factors your attorney would need to know.

In regards to bringing other people in your house, that seems a bit more questionable. Were they there to "show" that they knew the lay out?

As you know, a gang task force works on its own set of rules.

You need an experienced attorney that has handled a number of gang cases because they are always complex cases and there are usually hundreds of telephone calls, kites, ledgers, text messages, and snitches to deal with.


If you are on parole you are subject to a 24/7 search condition with or without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. There is no obligation on the part of the GTF to notify your parole officer or for him to be there.

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