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Im a minor of San Antonio Texas age 14, male, I was abused by moms boyfriend. Can I, with my grandmothers conceit sue this man?

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Okay I'm a minor of San Antonio Texas, age 14, male. I was messing with a crayon and my mother was afraid I would break it, after a while I did put it back, 2 mins later my mothers boy friend, which I barley know, comes in and my mother tells him to tell us (my 2 other siblings) to listen... Which didn't make sense because I had did what my mom asked and this man raises his voice at us and then towards me because he is scaring my little brother (this man also knows karate and my little bro was afraid he might hurt me) and he tells me to go to my room and I do but I notice he follows me and I said dont follow me, to three and pulls my ear (which hurts and left a bruise) pushes me to the wall grabs me again and trows me in my room thus me crashing into the chair. W/ my Gma can I sue this man

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I hope that this man does not often do things that make you and your brother afraid of him. Are you now someplace safe? Talk to your guidance counselor at school about making a report to the Department of Public & Family Services (previously known as Child Protective Services - CPS). Especially if this man has laid hands on you before, you probably need help from more than the courts. Is your mother aware of the bruise and injuries? If she is not keeping you safe from other adults, then you need assistance from people like your grandmother, your counselor and the Department.

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Yes, thank you, this has been very helpful, and yes I am currently under the home and protection of my grandmother My mother is very aware of the injuries, but does not want to leave him, even after what he has done I will talk to my counselor at school tomorrow and make sure that something is done I will show this to my grandmother , thank you very much Mrs. Whitaker


You and/or your grandmother should speak to the police.



Actually we did, and you know what they said, they said as long as my mother gives him permission to "discipline" me, then has every right to.



Then he has*

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