IM a man with ten kids no job ,criminal record ,can not get job and wanna know what can I do ?Is there an exemptions?

Man I want a job and get my payments back to zero.I hate being a dead beat dad. Im not doing anything illegal ever again I want do it like a real man.

San Diego, CA -

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David Philip Shapiro

David Philip Shapiro

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Diego, CA

Contact a locally experienced criminal defense attorney to see if you are eligible to get at least some, if not all, of your convictions expunged/dismissed under Penal Code section 1203.4 . That may help in your job search.

Good Luck!

Law Offices of David Shapiro 3555 4th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 295-3555
Marilynn Mika Spencer

Marilynn Mika Spencer

Employment / Labor Attorney - San Diego, CA

Congratulations on wanting to get your life back on track. You are in a tough situation, given the economy and the high rate of unemployment. Some people find it helpful to volunteer somewhere for a while, to build up a history to put on a resume or job application, and to find credible references. Also, many people go to a community college or trade school, such as a regional occupational program or similar, to get a history and potential references. It's a tough world and tough economy, and we all have to work harder these days just to survive. And yes, this applies to attorneys, too!

*** All legal actions have time limits, called statutes of limitation. If you miss the deadline for filing your... more
Michael Charles Doland

Michael Charles Doland

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Spencer expresses the correct feeling very well. I did not understand your use of the word "exemptions" but you have my best wishes in your searh.

The above is general legal and business analysis. It is not "legal advise" but analysis, and different lawyers may... more

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