Im 16 and pregnant by a 23 year old and we live in TN, how can i keep him from getting in trouble????

Asked 12 months ago - Knoxville, TN

im 16 and pregnant and ill be 17 in september. the guy im pregnant by is 23 years old and my mother got me and my 1 year old brother taken away by DCS and they are not to happy to hear that this is a 23 year olds baby. they are talking about charging him for it but how can i keep that from happening??? i cant let him get in trouble for this it was my idea. i know that doesnt matter but i want to marry him and he wants to do anything and evrything for me and he wants to get married too. my parents agree and hes really wanting to do everything right and im ready to do this i just need help...

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  1. David Craig Lee

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    Answered . The only way that you could marry him is with your parents' consent. You need them to immediately sign the appropriate affidavits in front of a notary, get a marriage license, and marry this guy. You need to do that today.

    You also need to get a different lawyer for your boyfriend. He is facing a statutory rape charge which is a felony.

    I doubt you can afford a lawyer, so you need to find the affidavits of consent on the internet or just go to the courthouse with your two parents and get a marriage license with them present, and immediately marry this guy.

    Apologies if I've rambled, but you need to take immediate action.

    On the other hand, you also need to consider putting this child up for adoption. DCS is very aware of the likelihood that you will be unable to care for this child, due to lack of education and employability. It is almost a statistical certainty that you and your child will live in poverty. On the other hand, if you delay children until after you obtain a college education, then the chance of your children being raised in poverty is extremely low. These are life altering decisions which DCS and your parents must make because you do not have the life experience and maturity with which to make these decisions. There may be a way to remain in contact with this child even after you put it up for adoption. There are lots of options, but you're unfortunately not in a good situation. I'm sorry for your turmoil.

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  2. Edwin Arnold Anderson


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    Answered . Go back and read David Lee's answer again. He's exactly right.

    Invest in some birth control so you don't find yourself in this situation again until you are ready to have a family.

    Good luck.

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  3. Kristin Janine Fecteau

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    Answered . You've already made a bad mistake which will have lasting consequences for you, your baby and your boyfriend. Don't continue he to make the situation worse by depriving this baby of a good home. You need to think about putting him or her up for adoption. Your boyfriend was old enough to know better, and while your question was "how can I stop his prosecution" please think long and hard before marriage as your answer. You have your whole future ahead of you, don't make decisions based on stopping a crime from being charged! Maybe this isn't legal advice, but it is advice of
    someone who cares. I'd be happy to talk to you, even just as a friend. You have serious issues going on and you need good advice right now, not just legal advice.

  4. Craig Bernard Mitchell

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    Answered . I'm not sure marrying him will help at this point, but hopefully a GN lawyer can give you more help.

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