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Im 14 and my boyfriend is 17. I am pregnant. If the police get involoved will he go to jail?

Barnstable, MA |

My boyfriend in 17.. got a job.. can drive.. got a house.

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  1. Quite possibly. It's also possible that he could be placed on the Sex Offender Registry and have all sorts of opportunities taken away from him for the rest of his life.

    If he is really a good guy and not just some sleaze who prays on innocent young women, you need to do whatever you can to prevent him from becoming identified as a child rapist. That is what the law considers someone who has sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years of age. It is called rape because the law says that people under 16 are legally incapable of consenting to sexual contact. Therefore, no matter how much you love him and wanted to have sex, it legally doesn't matter.

    You and your fetus need prenatal care. If you are not sure whether you want to be a mother yet, you should get confidential family planning counseling to figure out your options.

    If you decide to keep your baby and you don't ever need public assistance, you might be able to keep the baby's father's identity private. But, if concerned adults in your life know who your boyfriend is and there is probable cause to believe he is the one who got you pregnant, he could be arrested even if you do not officially tell.

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  2. That is a distinct possibility. No one can say for certain, but it is likely. If he is contacted he should say nothing to the authorities and hire counsel.

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  3. Your boyfriend has apparently committed statutory rape. That he " got a job.. can drive" is irrelevant; it strains credulity to think a minor has "got a house."

    What he DOES have is a significant legal problem: Criminal charges for having sex with, and impregnating, a minor.

    You would be better off discussing this with your parents and not posting details on a public forum. He would be better off discussing his situation with his parents and an attorney. The MA and Barnstable County bar associations can provide referrals.

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  4. It is called statutory rape and is a serious charge. Age of consent in MA is 16.

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  5. Very likely. This is considered "rape of a child." If convicted, he's looking at a maximum sentence of life in prison. It's unlikely he'd be facing the maximum, but he'd become a registered sex offender and convicted felon. If you are worried about this, stop posting details online. Speak to an attorney directly.

  6. You're 14 and pregnant. Stop worrying about your boyfriend and think about what YOU need.

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