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Illinois Department of Labor Wage Claim

Chicago, IL |

I am a father who coached my daughters softball team this past year. A college student helped coach and filed a wage claim for $800.00 because she claims that I promised to pay her $1,500.00 to help. I never orally agreed or signed any contract saying I would pay that amount. We agreed on $700.00 and that was what she was paid. She filed a complaint saying that the softball team is a buisness, which it is not. The team is no longer together and I am not coaching. She wants me to personally pay her $800.00. What can I do? She filed the claim stating that the team is still together and it is worded like I am her employer. This team was two dads coaching their daughters softball team, but she has made it sem like that this was a buisness.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. How did the softball team come up with the $700 to pay the college student?

    What pay did you get to be manager of the softball team?

    Too many missing details here and lots of unanswered questions....

    And depending on how the softball team is set up, it may or may not be a business.

    Hire a lawyer to review these missing details.