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Illinois Child Support ?

Springfield, IL |

Non custodial pays for HIS health insurance. I pay for our daughter's insurance. So, when calculating child support- is he able to subtract the health insurance he pays for (for himself)?

That's what I was thinking. Child support will be around $3500 per not a lot. But, if he was able to take off HIS health insurance premiums of $1820 per year then that would go down even more. I am not trying to "get rich"...just trying to get help in supporting child.

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    Yes. When making the calculations to determine the percentage of child support -- you base it on net income. Net income is what is left after health care deductions, union dues, etc. In other words, his "take home pay."

  2. no

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  3. Unfortunately not.

  4. Based on the recent changes to the laws in Illinois regarding child support obligations, you can file a petition seeking contribution from the non-custodial parent toward uncovered medical expenses, child care, education, and extracurricular activities for your child. The court can order him to contribute toward those expenses in addition to his child support obligation. This may be an avenue worth investigating if you are in need of additional support for your child and if these issues were not previously addressed.

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