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Illegal marriage to obtain citizenship

Selden, NY |
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I just found out that my 19 year old daughter who had moved out of my home 2 months ago has married a turkish fellow illegally with whom she doesnt really know so he can obtain citizenship.She told a friend if mine that the turks are paying her to do this although she hasnt recieved any money as of yet.I am concerned because she has been hanging with turkish people and I dont want her hurt if I go to immigration with this if they deport him.She has moved out of her apartment and moved in with this man and states she really doesnt ever see him. What should I do,I am very concerned.She is a very good kid who got caught up with some bad people.

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You are in a tough area that straddles the Law, Psych line.
Legally, you have few options other than to turn her in (which is not required) or not to turn her in (which keeps her where she is.)

Now where is she? Well she is in violation of numerous laws of the United States and of New York state.
Further if these "Turks" are in any way terrorists, she will have untold issues that will destroy her even if she is so clueless she knows nothing of their intentions.

Hence the only thing I can think of is to grab her and force her to an attorney's office to show her how hard and really in trouble she is for a "few Schekles" of gold. Get a well respected Criminal Defense Attorney to help her see the actual damage she is doing to herself.

In the end, she is enough of an adult to make her own decision. You will have to then decide for yourself what is best and how it should be accomplished.

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Of great concern is her criminal liability for aiding and abetting marriage fraud. She could be charged and prosecuted in federal criminal courts. She should be informed of the consequences of her actions.

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