Illegal dumping accusation for firewood civil or criminal?

i put a ad in cl saying free firewood both large logs and rounds, the h.o. called and i explained the wood was of large dia. and asked if he could handle that he confirmed that he could and to deliver and dump it in his driveway for his son to split, i reiterated that this was large stuff and i had concerns if they actually could handle it as i didn't want to bury them in wood , he said he ran it by his son and they would be fine . now he claims i misrepresented the wood and its to large to handle with his 14" chain saw and if i don't remove it he will call the cops for illegal dumping ... wtf civil or criminal? thx

Weston, CT -

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Salvatore Bonanno

Salvatore Bonanno

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hartford, CT

Remove the wood as it will cost you less to do that than it will to retain counsel, should you get arrested.

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Mark Daniel Colson

Mark Daniel Colson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hartford, CT

Assuming you have documentation / proof that he told you to deliver the wood in response to the CL posting, then it wouldn't be civil or criminal anything. But it seems you chose the wiser, cheaper, and in the end - easier option, and just cut the wood up to be done with it.

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