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Illegal Alien obtaining child support

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I am in the country illegally, but owed child support from ex-husband. Will I be able to contest in court? Or will me alien status hurt me?

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  1. Absolutely. GO for it. Your legal status has nothing to do with it.

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  2. You should have no trouble claiming child support in court.

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  3. As the immigration attorneys have already said, this is a non-issue as far as the domestic relations court is concerned.

    If you want to learn more about getting into court for child support, here is a self help link (below). If you need more information, or would like an attorney, there are plenty of attorneys listed on this site.

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  4. I agree with my colleagues.

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  5. Status is only a factor for custody, and often times, a limited factor at that. Contact HFS or a family law attorney in your area for specific guidance.

  6. Besides obtaining child support, consult with an immigration attorney and see if you may get legal status by either a VAWA or a U-Visa. This should be done in person and not on a public forum like internet.


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